Tuesday, March 14, 2017

app purchases free

app purchases free

hello, it's icy and i'm back again with anotherwindows phone 10 video. if you'd like to see any of my previous videos, please click thelink in the corner. today i'm talking to you about how to stopsmall people who are borrowing your phone from spending your money buying in-app purchases,or anything else actually. previously in windows phone 8.1, when youwent to do an in-app purchase it took you via the wallet application where you couldset a separate pin number to the one required to log on the phone.now in windows 10 mobile it's actually the same pin number to both unlock the phone andto make a purchase, which in my opinion is somewhat of a flaw because you might wantto give a pin number to a small person so

they can turn the phone on but you definitelydon't want them to have that pin number to buy in-app purchases, and it's not a goodidea to leave your phone unlocked either. the way to do this is that you really needto use the windows kid's corner which is a separate start menu that doesn't require alogin and you can pin apps onto that screen. what you do is you find an app, for exampleangry birds, and then you just hold and then choose add to kid's corner. once you've addeda selection of applications is if you go back to the lock screen and if you swipe that way(from right to left) you get to kid's corner. once you're in kid's corner, there's no requirementfor a pin, you can just swipe up. you'll notice the windows hello info at the top, runningin beta, doesn't like the kid's corner, it

won't recognise you because it's using a differentsecurity profile, so it just stays there the whole time. if you were going to use kid'scorner regularly you would need to turn off the windows hello beta, otherwise it wouldbe completely annoying. here, you can see all of the apps i've gotpinned to the kid's corner. let's find something with an in-app purchase. so, if we go unlocknow what you'll see is a message saying you'll need your parent to buy stuff. and that'sfine, that's what you want to see, really, and it won't do anything else past that. itwill sit there and then take you back to where you were. that's great, that's fine, and youneed it to do that. if i was playing that game in my fully priviledgedaccount at that point it would give me a pop-up

saying "please enter your pin number" andit would take me to the purchase page. as the phone is locked with a pin number if someoneelse knows it they can buy whatever they like. so, if you've got a small person who's usinga windows 10 mobile, borrowing it as opposed to it being their own, please let them useapps through the kid's corner, it will be just safer in the long run.the other thing you can do if they're not aware of how to change it back, is you canjust turn off the wifi and and the 4g and in-app purchases are not going to work atthat point either. so, there are the two ways to do it. let meknow in the comments if you have any questions, and i'll talk to you next time. thanks, bye!^_^

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