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app store hack android

app store hack android

hey guys, andrew esquivel here back with anothertutorial and today i'm going to teach how to hack the game hill climb racing 2 to getunlimited coins and unlimited gems so you can upgrade everything immediately, withouthaving to pay for anything or do any work. now, first off there are a few prerequisitesto make this hack work, you must be rooted there is absolutely no exception to this rule. if you are not rooted nothing in this tutorialis going to work. second off, you must know how to give applicationssuperuser permissions, if you have a rooted phone i suspect you already know how to dothis, but keep in mind that you're going to have to know how to do this in order to makethe applications we're going to use work.

if you don't know what it means to root yourphone this tutorial is definitely not for you and don't bother asking how do i rootmy phone in the comments, because the process to rooting a phone is different for everyphone and that's definitely not going to be covered in this tutorial. first off, we are going to install the gamefresh so that you guys know i have absolutely nothing to begin with and just to prove thati've got nothing to begin with i'm just going to start up the application really quick,and it's actually important that we do start the application off really quick with a freshinstall because starting up the app will generate some files that are going to need to be therefor our other applications to modify.

this should take just a moment. we can open up the game and we have hill climbracing 2. this is just the little beginner thing theygive you to kind of introduce you to the game. we're just going to get through this reallyquick. you can see that we have pretty much nothing. when you go to the shop everything costs upwardsof 50 bucks almost. we're going to go ahead and change that. now that we've got the little tutorial thingdone and all the files that the game needs to generate are generated, we can actuallygo about, well, modding the system files to

our liking. all right, so let's go ahead and talk aboutthe applications we're going to use in order to hack the game. first off, you got to have busybox, that'sthis guy right here. now, you can get busybox in the google playstore for free, if you're feeling lazy i'll provide a link to it directly in the description. once you have busybox installed, and i meaninstalled on the phone and then you open busybox and press install, and that's the superuserthing right there i keep talking about. make sure you actually press install so itactually puts it in the phone's system files.

we can move on to the next application whichis lucky patcher. yes, good ol' lucky patcher. now, you will not find lucky patcher on thegoogle play store but i will be providing a link in the description to where you candownload lucky patcher. lucky patcher is this magical little toolthat does pretty much all the hard work for us. now, we just opened up lucky patcher and asyou can see it's got a list of different applications that we have installed on the phone. in order to hack hill climb racing 2, allwe got to do is navigate down to hill climb

racing 2, click it, and from here you'll havea drop-down menu, click on open menu of patches, and then click on support patch for in-appand lvl emulation. all right, we have a few things that we canselect but the only two things that you should have selected is support patch for lvl emulation,and support patch for in-app emulation. leave the rest of them unchecked. hit apply and lucky patcher is going to doits thing. all right, so lucky patcher has finished doingits thing and as you'll see here some of the things succeeded, some of the failed. it says we got a 28% chance of it working.

don't worry, if you follow the instructionsi gave you, all should be well. we're going to go ahead and launch the applicationand i'll show you how exactly everything works, because we're not quite done yet. now, we are back in the shop and you'll seethat everything still has a price. you might be thinking, "well, maybe it reallydidn't work", but i'm going to show you that it did. let's go ahead and buy the most expensivething here, which all these numbers are kind of arbitrary so don't worry about it. let's go for this 8,000 jewel package, let'sjust call them jewels, and this is going to

pop-up, the in-app purchases hack. you can do something that will make this speedup for you, but for the sake of the tutorial i'm not going to do it. you can click on the checkbox that says autorepeat purchases with the current settings, and that'll make it so it doesn't pop up anymore,but long story short, when this pops up you just hit yes. viola, we have just got 8,000 jewels or whateveryou want to call them. we can keep doing this over and over and overagain, and you're not spending a dime, because lucky patcher is tricking into believing thatyou have actually purchased something.

with all those jewels you can buy so muchcoin and you can just keep on doing that until your heart is content, and we can buy thislittle starter pack and it really doesn't matter what we buy. we can go over to cups and hit race, and wecan go ahead and upgrade everything that we want to its fullest capacity. this may take a little while, but you getthe idea. you can keep on going and just whenever youneed more, keep using the hack to purchase more and more if you end up not purchasingenough the first time around, and let's just say for the sake of time that that's all youneeded and start the game.

here we go. tap to continue and we're off. my little hacker dude is in the lead. so that's pretty much it guys, it's not verycomplicated so long as you already have the prerequisites that i had mentioned in thebeginning of the video done. since i have the links in the description,it should be all the more easier. just make sure when you install the apk thatyou have your phone set to accept the installation of foreign apks from unknown sources, andthat's pretty much it. thanks for watching.

don't forget to comment, rate, subscribe,show your friends, check out my other videos i got plenty of them, including hacks forother games with other methods, including the original hill climb racing. happy hacking, i'll see you on the racetrack.

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