Tuesday, March 14, 2017

app purchase hack

app purchase hack

hi everybody is on and today i'm going to show how to hack in-app purchase using lucky patcher and it's for unrooted devices non-root device and the link in the description you can download it you near you can need to download aptoide actually download directly go to on temple 2 if this is even you can use a custom patch or you can do it on your

own for so this is a tutorial how to hack in app purchases so i'm going to do it on my own wait for a few minutes because temple is 50 50mb the it hacks like it depends on the size of the app so please wait it takes a few minutes 5-6 minutes i'll just pause it up hey guys and now i'll just get patch pattern

n1 and n2 success and n3 and n4 failed that's the identification of success go to file uninstall and install it it's so easy to hack install it my device is runnin outta charge the app is installed and i'm going to show how to hack it hang on do not you can you couldn't sign in with

google play store that's when th but you can hack this app hang on a few seconds store go to store currency hand full of cions auto repeat purchases and thats it even gems chest of gems auto repeat purchase thats it we are succesful in hacking and thanks for watching subscribe any problems comments down bye

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