Friday, March 17, 2017

apps apk games

apps apk games

hey, guys himanshu dama here from itech backwith another video and today we will be taking a look at best android apps that aren’tavailable on google play store. play store is home to more than 1.5 million apps, butthere are few apps that are pretty great, but google doesn’t allow them for some reasons.before we began, keep in mind that side-loading apps are always risky, you install apps outsidethe confines of the play store at your own risk. also this video is for educational purposeonly. with that disclaimer out of the way, here we go. the first application on the list is tinytunes.many people cannot live even a day without listening to music. tinytunes is a free musicdownloading and streaming app for android.

you can search through millions of songs fromthe internet and download or stream them directly from your phone. you can also explore musicthrough different categories like itunes top songs/albums/releases, billboard top 100,genres, and more! next up on the list is showbox. have you evergot yourself in trouble to download or watch movies or tv shows online for free? so todaywe have brought you with a great solution that will let you watch movies and tv showsonline for free. show box is an android app that lets you download and watch your favoritemovies and tv shows without paying a single penny.the viewers can explore a plenty of new and old productions through the huge databaseit, you can watch any item from

your favorite list. it is up to you, whetheryou want to watch the tv series online or download it to some storage device to watchit later. with showbox, you will surely be able to watch all those episodes which youthink you have missed. and the best thing is there are no annoying ads to irritate youin between. next app we’re checking out is called’s an alternative to original whatsapp. this application will help you to run 2 whatsappaccounts on a single device. some of my favorite features of gbwhatsapp are you can freezeyour last seen, hide blue ticks and single ticks too. you can share videos up to 30 mbwhich is restricted to 16 mb in original whatsapp. you can share 100 images at a once. you canview the media without downloading. you can

change look and feel of each and everythingon gbwhatsapp. and addition to all this feature it is anti-ban. so mr. zuckerberg will notbe able to ban you until his team finds a solution. the next app is instwogram. just like gbwhatsappyou can have two instagram accounts on a single device with instwogram. instwogram followsthe same ui as the instagram. in addition to regular features, you can also downloadphotos and videos from instwogram. the next is again a clone application, ogyoutube.with this app, you can download youtube videos. the app follows the same design as the officialapp. you can play a video in a background or you can also play the video in a popupwindow while using another app. you can download

the video in any quality. also, you can downloadthe mp3, that is only the audio file. a must have application. the next application on the list is adblockplus. as the name suggest it blocks ads on your device. personally, i would encouragepeople not to use adblockers because in-app advertisements support developers and if theygo away we will have to pay up front for a lot more of the apps that are currently free.but it’s an open operating system, the choice is up to you. the last app on this list is amazon app store.the amazon appstore is the biggest google play rival and doesn't make any mistakes aboutit - amazon is serious for its android app

business. so serious that it actually launchedin china, earlier than google play! with its daily free app promo, there is plenty to likeabout the amazon appstore for both users and developers. so anyways guys that was it from best androidapps that aren’t available on play store. if youguys enjoyed it then give this video a thumbs up. also comment apps which i missed out.because these apps are hard to find and i know i have missed many. i will be comingup with part 2. so stay tuned and subscribed.thank you so much, this is himanshu and i will seeyou guys in my next one namaste!

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