Thursday, March 9, 2017

app mod apk

app mod apk

how to hack appnana to get unlimited nanas & points , get free gift cards android hey guys how are you guys doing ensureboy and back with you within your video about today's video is going to bereally helpful and it's going to help you earn money more fast and get giftcards really fast i'm going to show you how to hack appdata and it's going to be really easy and cool and successful ok guys now ichose to this video is because recently a couple of months ago i posted a videoabout how to hack a bounty a bounty is to another website just like apple and it's going to bepretty good scarce and when i posted

that video i got a lot of views and alot of positive feedback and lack some comments and subscribers and that'sbecause it took the tutorial worked and help people if you want to watch thatvideo i'm going to post in the description if you don't know what appnana is a banana is a website or an application actually lets you downloadapps and get points for those abs and you can use those points to get giftcards and money i'm going to show you how to hack thatby hacking i mean i'm going to show you how to get free . so you can earn moneymore fast okay now this is total is going to be alittle bit of different before from the

app county because though these are twodifferent applications and websites ok now if you don't know what a panerais i'm going to show you what about that is you're going to go to your browser ok they're going to type in a bananait's going to tell you oh yeah and it's going to get it on the google play i'musing my address when you can have it on your iphone as well it's going to say get it on the appstore now once you have your app now installed you should open it up and thereal cool thing about a panera is if you even if you don't have to downloadapplications every day when you open

this app you're going to get 400 pointsfor free ok they're going to have this it's goingto be like this on your own this one and on your ios you can have itjust like this from your browser now you're let's go to start let's start howto hack this application ok the the only different thing betweena banana and a bounty is i bout you can use this hack right away but in a bananayou're going to have to have 15,000 points collected now how are you going to like this youcan just download apps and once you reach by 50,000 points you can starthack at the application that's the

downside of it and it's really easy justlike i take you more than they if you want to download applications inwhich two thousand points because it's really easy you can use our our facebookshare google plus you can get a warrant and stuff madison something you're going to reach50,000 points and after you should that that 50,000 points are going to starthack the a banana now i'm gonna tell you what is the firstthing to do asking reach 50,000 points you're going to have to enter aninvitation oh just don't start saying we're allthis guy wants to be

once his invitation code to be used i'mnot saying you have to use my invitation code you can use any invitation codethat you want i'm going to use this one which is why 1490 619 i'm gonna put this in description aswell if you want to use it i'm not forcing anyone to you can use any otherjust invitation course if you want but i'm going to use this one um you have to use the invitation codeafter you shoot a thousand . so if you already use one you're going to have todelete the app data and clear browser history

now after use after you reach 50,000points and use an invitation code you're going to download an applicationfrom the place for which is called hotspot shield now you can search it on play store you can search it for hot spots forshield vpn insurance i'm a pretty description just in caseyou want it i'm gonna put it in the description and i've already downloadedmind it's called hospital the baby and you're going to open it up ok and it's going to start changing yourip address and how this is gonna i'm

gonna explain how this application isgoing to have here ackman happen and a bounty thosewebsites they don't use your email or facebook to create an account for you they're going they're going to use yourapplicant at that your ip address and once you have an ip address used that's how you turned out that the housemotivation server server i'm sorry art does it's going to start hacking rightnow now once you have your ip address changeyou can you can try this as well like if you want to delete the app manor a bounty or if you want to format

your device after you reinstall the appnana you're going to have your same account without even using email youknow why that's why that's because you have yourip address used to create that account now this our application hotspot shieldit's going to change your ip address if that means getting new points fromother eye peas that's why you're going to get free that's how you're going to get freestatus now that you see as you see now the hotspot shield is protected that means you have another ip addressused so once you download an application

assist 100 - it's going to give you atthe first ones that i was going to give you after 10 mins another hundredmadness and after that another hundred - and that's back and forth and so on now why in and no why that's because thehotspot shield changes the ip address every 10 minutes so every 10 minutes when your ip ischanged you're going to get other points that's how you're going to have that nana and be sure to do all the stepsthat i told you are going to have at least 10,000 -

a day without doing anything justdownloading one application so be sure to wash it or carefully and do all thesteps i'm going to go over them once again really fast you're going to haveto download app data which contain a thousand points which an invitation codeis i'm going to put in the description i'm using this one after that you'regoing to download helper chill bpm program we're going to turn the programon you can download one application you're going to have all the points thatyou want that's how you got your guys going to do it and i hope you like thistutorial if it's going to help you and it's gonna be helpful for you guysplease hit like button and subscribe

until next time peace out and i'm gonnapost the irs one real fast thank you guys for watching this video

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