Tuesday, February 28, 2017

app cracker for android no root

app cracker for android no root

hi, friends met again in this simple channel video i will discuss about... how to play pokemon go latest version with a fake location, joystick without root android if you know the trick , do not watch this video if you do not know and want to try it, please follow the steps first you have to install gps applications joystick please download the application from playstore this application

after joystick gps applications installed on your android please open android settings select " developer options" find "mock location app" select gps joystick do not forget to turn on the gps, with high accuracy after completion of setting the " developer options" and gps please open the gps joystick application click the top left corner

click settings enable "auto close app" please set your own , walking speed using gps joystick back to the application main view gps joystick enable " enable indirect mocking" then select " set location" click "open map" select the desired location

to play pokemon go once completed to determine the location, and then click start automatically joystick will appear next, please open the pokemon go now you 're in a location as you wish please click the icon below the joystick, to change the walking speed trying to retrieve the items pokestop my bag fullness that is the way to play pokemon go the latest version using of gps joystick and fake location

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