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apk mod offline games

apk mod offline games

it is actually gta v with a very very very nice mod. and as you can see this is the gta vi graphics mod so,you know, we are just chilling here on the beach, we are franklin right but oh my god look how sexy everything looks this is what gta vi will look like for sure!100 percent omg this is called as a graphics mode omg look at that,everything shines,oh my,oh my god,omg coll thank you oh that looks too realistic uh i don'tlike that we have some guys running away over there but i'm going to look at thatbeautiful look at that beautiful skyline

over there that's just so pretty i'm just so amazed at like how prettygames can look nowadays this is extremely realistic i'm running thislike pretty much the highest graphics i can run it before my computer explodesand i have a good computer okay let's let's give it some shots let's uh let'slet ok ok yet this is this is for let's go for a swim actually let's see howthat what this game looks like when we go into the water let's let's see let'ssee if it's still so pretty oh my god the water so blue oh my god the water is so fucking blueokay what what does it look like

underwater can we go underwater i always forget how to go underwater ingta guerrido underwater kindness looks normal but the moment we resurface holyfucking shit this looks so real if you've ever beenhere at the . life you know like fish its wishes oh looks just like it's okay let's go toa little jet ski adventure it's as if i'm playing gta5 for thefirst time but then it's actually gta6 you know i was so impressed by thegraphics the first time i touched it on the xbox 360 and now we're here on thefucking pc with some crazy as realistic

mod this is fucking matin this isfucking madness it is madness i i didn't know what words to use todescribe this but this is fucking insane ok this looks so pretty now let's moveonto to the next part of this video which totally is you know if it's notcars i parked over there where the fuck my cars go elsewhere birth like six carsover here okay the cars has disappeared let's findsome new cars ok there a gal cums i sponding theprettiest cars in the game and which is just would you look at that would youwould you look at this oh mac add would you look what would youlook at this car

holy shit it's so shiny so pretty andwith every day we have another one fucking why's that why's that thing thatwe have this car which is one of the new ones which i think is sick you knowprobably because as orange orange rims and we have et2o we have the totalculligan how do you forget the names the terrains mouth of course that that'sthe turismo of course i knew that then we have this is that the sultan we havethe new superflat the fastest car in the game over there with the new lambo it'sit looks like a hurrican pretty little bit we have some more cars some moresome more cars more with this state car yes that they discard this is the nissangtr is it the gtr whatever let's just

let's just get in there also haveanything to show this modern first person but it's sick okay this is theknee down nice and this is nice and it looks fucking crazy and i don't knowreally i i'd actually don't really know how fast it is we have the cheetah overhere some other one banshee we have the adder and is this isthis i don't know what fucking car this is just get in it it's a fist thepfister of course the fist there which looks sick with this mod okay i thinkit's it's it's a combination of the car just looking very pretty and on top ofthat it like shining so nicely but there's so many cars and everything justlooks crazy crazy crazy good with his

mod i was thinking let's go to losangeles customs let's try to pick one of these cars i think this one looks likethe prettiest with this month let's give it a shot and then see how anice we can make everything look ok first we have to drive to the losangeles customs are actually going to use his mod now i'm not getting a verystable 60fps however i am getting pretty close to it most of the time so i saidthat's nice but there's just it's just really really hard to get 60 frames persecond with this fucking crazy as mod just look at it just look at it let'slet's pretend this is super realistic ok we're here you know traffic trafficthere's a traffic light but why is there

traffic light nobody's crossing nobody's crossing madand this is super realistic that would get the fuck outta here man get that getthe fuck out here hey let's just hope now i wanted ok just merge its really hard switchingweapons and trying to drive at the same time you know you fucker puttingflipping out flipping him off okay you bitch you bitch hey fuck you bitchfuck you bid yeah you can even see my fingerprint that's crazy let's let's switch back come on come onswitch back so he's using the right

middle finger but the moment we don'tfirst person is using his left one that's so weird that's so unrealistic this school this game is legit unplayable let's justpass this guy because they're too fucking slow there's a beautifulhelicopter over there we should get in a helicopter and a second see what thegame looks like from from the top let's go ahead and pick up our beautifulcar being my ride yeah we're about to be my ride ok right in here to just driving intheir loss at those customs but to

customize our beautiful holy shit cops this looks fucking prettyas fuck i'm so in love with this car already i'm so in love with this mod imean something love with the mud ok let's just let's just make it perfectfully orange that's what we're going for you know where we're almost there i'll almost almost almost we need weneed orange there we go perfect double cup orange holy shit let's at the losangeles customs and let's check out how fucking pretty this is oh my god oh my goodness all my god thisis fucking perfect

holy shit this is crazy let me--justpark this car over here because this is look at this cups this is too fuckinpretty helps i think i think i'm in love with this model i wish i could alwaysplay gta like this too bad it doesn't work online it's it's only an offlinemod but still this is fucking pretty this is so cool just look at this cops look at thesegrab bags this is fucking crazy oh shit this istoo realistic too realistic for my eyes i don't know i don't know if i can livelike this i don't know if we can do this cups willhave to love to leave this fucking

beautiful car we're here we're just gonna grab ahelicopter ok grabbed his helmet oh my god look at the car just look atthe car okay grabbing the helicopter and we're about to fly up into this guy idon't know you know and actually don't know if it's it's gonna like crazy nowbut i want to see what the city of los angeles looks like from the air we've seen it from the water we streamedfrom the cars we've walked here now what does it look like from the sky ok so far i i'm not seeing any clouds itseems to look very clear and we can

pretty much see the whole game over herewhich is insane we can see the whole map you can see everything till mountchiliad and back in in beautiful detail we're also getting a very stable 60 fpswhich is surprising to me because i i assume it would have been very slow buti think it's five now this is this is totally fine the game looks so fucking pretty let'sgo up a lot higher and then see if we can we can we can do this okay cause i've decided that we had tofly a jet for flying to space right now loving the jet texture and sun flares.

just see the sun it's if i would havetold you were in space you would have probably believe me okay i just turnedthat the map off the hood off which makes the game look even more realisticand if we look back we can see the beautiful world of los santos thatbeautiful map the beautiful city oh my gad and we're just we're justchilling here in digit okay we can't go any higher than this so it's time for usto jump out and to enjoy this beautiful view holy shit look at this video this issorry and let's say it looks so pretty cubs this looks so pretty

oh my god we can see everything we cansee everything in the game we can see everything the tallest mountain thetallest building everything everything you've ever wanted to see in gta5 youcan see it right over here this is so oh pretty now i'm gonna try to land onthe maze bank okay and why on the main event because that's fun i always try toland on the maze bank you know i'm i'm nekkid always tries to land on the mazebank now we do have invincibility on so we can just totally fall on top of itbut look at this just enjoy the view for a little bit longer it's so pretty you can see all theplanes you can see everything you've

ever wanted to see in the game now youcan see these skyscrapers over fucking oh ok let's just let's just landed onthe maze bank it's just ok there we don't five no we didn't lie down there ok well wekinda like the down a bit a little bit down again that this is totally fine butoh my god oh my god edges just this is just draw dropping lee pretty look atthis just just look at everything look ateverything in this game look at that reflection ok let's try to go downamazed bank even more we got this we get there we go that's another one

we're just slowly slowly making our wayout fuck ok that's not slow anymore let's just let's just fly around thesebuildings light around these buildings just enjoy the view look at this prettypretty the prettiest thing i've ever seen in his game we got we got some youknow some some more solar panel panels over there this is fucking crazy this really is crazy oh my god let's let's let's go and walk aroundthis this little park so ya see what this looks like see what this looks like we have this mno just a little bit of water over here

with like i have to be honest if youthink this looks better than the original gta 5 without the mod just dropa like like i i'm i bet this video is going to 10,000 likes within the dayit's fucking crazy because i think i think this looks so much better and idefinitely think this should be playable in online but you know rock star doesn'twant us to use mods online but just oh my goodness let's go on a killing spree you know whynot there we go there we go we don't know what killing spree looks like yetyou should lay down you should stay on the ground mr. let's grab this gun

ok now this one does have to reload fuckthat shit we're gonna rpd what about the rpgdisease that we have to redo after only yet we have to reload it meaning donenow i need to realize that many gotten ok we can we can start shooting ateverything now this is beautiful this is fucking beautiful hey that's ourorange bite over there come on leave our bike the fuck is thepolice that there we go there we go police officers we were looking for youfor police officers over here to shoot when i act to say even even trying tokill everybody in the world this game looks beautiful we haven't even checkedout what it looks like with the rain at

night oh my god cup so we're now playing thismod at night and he looks so pretty it's even raining we have some some beautifulpolice officer strength to kill us i thought this would be great way to checkit out because there's just so many flying bullets so many nice prettylights and oh my god look at lighting they did say that was so pretty that wasover he normally i only play gta during the daytime because you know i like thebright colors but this mod is all about the graphics in and even at night thisloose so fucking pretty and water reflecting off the ground this is fireyou know everything everything just

comes together perfectly and it's justit's just amazing it's just so pretty we have a we haveloads of police officers trying to kill us too at the same time which also ispretty in my opinion i think that's that's pretty cool you know they'repretty cool in gta okay don't do this entry level say this all the time because oh my godwe have our children we have a fucking real then i love i love their children okay i love their children let's just goahead and stretching at summers and some stuff

hello there the real that is that it'sthat can't just say okay kills him your mom's right away fucking easy kills boyd's easy killscops yeah yes ok let's let's try to stop someonewith his big knife with his big knife we have we want to see how realistic okay that looks pretty room right therewhere does the thunder go it was so dark it first there we go it'sdark again cops it's super dark and it can be even darker think this is a darkas it can go i'll know this is the dark as they cango holy shit this is dark

let's just go ahead and pick up somepeople into pieces hello there mr. police officer wow youtry you try to get it as police officer it's right here guys okay stop them ok for fuck's sake i hate it when they dothat you know well you know we'll just grab our alien weapon and just startshooting at you arey go grab this alien weapon and startshooting at them out five ground come on come on you know what we'll justwait for the car because they were sure we're going to get you so this is whatthe game looks like at night oh my god this is pretty especially herewith the with these with these light

posts and stuff to blow them up ok but the light still stays there justlook at this just look at that it looks like a real-life fucking crazy i don't know how much i've said fuckingthis video or how much of zip raising this video please someone please someonehelp me with a counter now what i want to know how often i said it about aboutapproximately ok approximately gotta shoot this guy got issue that guy thisguy you know just just shooting everybody this is the fucking in this isit i'm ending the police over here in los angeles ok

tubing just like that looking red carthat was josh's car over there that's totally legit was joshua there you go just keep on shooting justkeep on shooting oh yeah and with the reload and we havethe shoot and we have to shoot some more time i just shoot a little bit more nottoo much okay not not too much when i just dodged it to do bad he's dead now yes oh my fucking god we hit this guyyou meet these guys come on come on i just want to hit those just use thesame here to kill them ok the outside

know you dodged it the doctors dinner come on wait for himto stop moving yes okay there we go and if this policeguy some more police guys over there that's an easy one and then this one andnow it's time to leave ok cops were here at night on this bigas a mountain out the police police is already found as but just look at thatview my dad cops this is what it looks like during daytime also extremely pretty the police are still looking for us buti don't care because i'm going to end

the video red thank you so much budgetcops between 10,000 likes on this video also don't forget subscribe if youhaven't already and will seek support

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