Friday, February 3, 2017

apk mod game android offline

apk mod game android offline

hello youtube it's phonemate in a new video today we're going to install the premium version of spotify this is a music app and its not available in tunisia like i said earlier this app isn't available in tunisia so we need vpn in order to use it we will use touch vpn because it's free and it dosen't have restrictions like 30 min or 1 hour only usage you just click switch location and we will choose usa just click connect you wait a few seconds then you will find yourself connected

we open spotify this spotify isn't installed from playstore it's a modded apk of mr.dude you just need to create an account you click on sign up and don't connect using facebook because it dosen't work you need to create an acount using email i already have an account with phonemate here we come back after the log in like i said this modded apk will give you premium access

when i open today top hits i will choose a random song the song now is playable but now you won't hear it from me because i'm using headphones if we were using the free spotify of the playstore when you play song it will open a playlist not the song you want you can save it to your library you find it in songs the only bad thing in this app is the download function that dosen't work so we're going to try to fix this problem and we need a pc

and we're back now with the pc version of spotify this is free and dosen't need to be premium or cracked download it for free in after you connect with the same account you used in your phone with the modded apk of mr.dude we will create a playlist named "test" you take a song from your pc i will take demons then add to playlist --> test

now we get back to the phone to see if we did it and now we're back to the phone we open spoitfy of course don't forget the vpn now we're going to choose a random song choose fresh finds i will choose fruit punch add to playlist test

we choose library playlist test click download and here it is it works you just wait download then when you open spotify offline you just open library

you will find it now we're at the end of this video don't forget to like subscribe comment and bye

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