Monday, January 30, 2017

apk mod 2016

apk mod 2016

what's up? aquarius here, today i'm goingto show you how to hack the new pixel gun version 10.5.1. let's go ahead and get started.the first thing you want to do is click the adfly link i have in the description, andyou just want to wait five seconds and click skip ad. you should now see a mediafire linkcome up. and it should look like this, you just want to click download. click ok, andit should start to downloading the file. okay, the download is complete. now, what you needto do is go home and open your play store, and install an application called es fileexplorer. all you got to do is search it up on here, so just type in es file explorerand you should get to here. now, click install on es file explorer file manager, now clickaccept. now, it should now download it. now,

click open once it's done. okay, once it'sloaded up. now, click local, and download, and now click the file. and you should seethese two in here. now, hold down on one of them, and tap the other one. now, click extract.,and click ok. okay, once it says success saved in location. you want to press download should see a folder there. now, tap the folder. now, tap obb. now, hold down on,tap copy. now, tap 0. now, tap android. now, tap obb. now, tap paste. check apply to alland now click overwrite. once it says copy files to. now, you need to press, go back to that folder. now, click data. now, hold down com.pixel.gun3d. now, clickcopy. now, tap 0. now, tap android. now, tap data. now, tap paste. check apply to all,and click overwite. now, close es file explorer.

now, open pixel gun. now, once it loads, youshould have a bunch of coins. here you go, i'll prove that multiplayer works. just scrollto what multiplayer you want. now, just click go. and, it should load up. okay, it loadednow. let's go buy some... let's buy the minigun. i know its a pretty good weapon here. okay,i heard this is a good weapon. i don't have anything else. i don't want to switch my guns,dude.

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